Built-in Camera For Monitoring Roast Level
Built-in Microphone for Auto-Detecting Cracks
APP Control for Ease-of-Use,Real-Time Display
Roasting Profile for Sharing Bean Recipe
High Efficient Filters for Air Purification
Removable Parts for Through Cleaning
APP Control For Ease-of-Use,Real-Time Display
Use mobile phone APP control, all data is stored in APP and shared to Cloud. You can share or repeat your roasting profile easily.

BeanGo Cube App available on Google Play

BeanGo Cube App available on App Store

內建相機, 掌握烘豆狀態
內建麥克風, 自動偵測烘豆爆裂聲
零件拆除方便, 易清洗
BeanGo Cube
Built-in Camera For Navigating Roast Level
Coffee bean color changing is a very important index for roasting process. BeanGo Cube is built in the Camera which can see the real time bean photos and navigate roast level at the same time.